Travel Essentials

Since it is the beginning of the summer holidays I will be travelling again. I decided to share some of my travel essentials with you. These essentials include some beauty items and some miscellaneous items.P1610282

Some beauty essentials for me is a perfume for when I step off the plane and want to freshen up, the perfume shown above is by Chanel and it is the Mademoiselle one. This perfume is perfect for travelling because it is only has 20ml. I also like to bring facial spray to freshen up and add some moisture to my face. The one I have is by La Roche-Posay. Another essential is gum, this helps for bad breath and also for when your ears get blocked when you land. I like to bring some hand cream because my skin always dries out on a flight, this hand cream is from Soap & Glory and it is my favourite. My lips also get really dry from flights so I like to bring some lip balm, the one I am currently using is by Kiehl’s. My last beauty essential is oil absorbing sheets by Clean and Clear, I like to use these to take the shine out of my face.


Some more random travel essentials include a kindle. Kindles are super practical for travelling because you can read as many books as you want but it is extremely light. I also like to bring a neck pillow for long haul flights because it makes napping more comfortable. I bring sunglasses because I like to put these on when I arrive at the destination to protect my eyes from the sun and also to hide the bags under my eyes. The sunglasses in the picture are by Rayban and they are one of my favourites.My last essential is headphones, I prefer these to earphones because they block out more noise in the plane. These ones are from Urbanears and they are great.

I hope this helps you for your next travel!

Wiona Sophie x


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