Women’s March on Washington

As most of you would know Donald Trump is now the president of the United States. I myself feel let down by the people who voted for a racist, homophobic, narcissistic and power hungry man like Trump. I am not American but that does not mean that I am not allowed to feel angry, sad and scared for the future not only of America but the whole world. We all know that Trump believes climate change to be ‘Chinese hoax’, but to everyone who is properly educated about pollution, recycling, sustainability will know that climate change is real and our home is great danger.

Yesterday I participated in the Women’s march on Washington and since then I feel a new found hope for the future. I feel proud to see how many people participated, young, male, female, old, of all nationalities and races. 1.2 million people showed up in Washington to march against everything the current president stands for. The number of people showed up is almost five times the amount of people who showed up to the Inauguration of Trump. We made history. The women’s march on Washington is the biggest protest in the history. How incredible is that. The unity and friendship I felt yesterday was unbelievable. I feel so lucky to have participated in this march and I honestly feel hopeful for the future. The people are what America is about, not Trump. We are the ones who can fight for all the minorities, we can fight for climate change, we can fight for equality.


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